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1.What is Tile?
Tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic and stone. Tiles are often used to form wall or floor coverings. Tiles are normally categorized into ceramic, porcelain and homogeneous.
2.What is the difference between ceramic, porcelain and homogeneous tile?
Ceramic tile - It is the most basic tile. It is categorized to wall ceramic tile and floor ceramic tile. As the water absorption rate is > 5%, ceramic tile is not suitable to be applied outdoor.
Porcelain tile - It has higher density than the ceramic tile which makes it harder, more rugged and less likely to absorb moisture. As the water absorption rate is < 5%, it is suitable for most environment.
Homogeneous tile - This tile has a similar natural with the Porcelain tile. The major difference between these two tiles is that the Homogeneous tile has the same colour throughout the tile. It is also resistant to scratch and damage.
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